Our M.O.— Hone your craft. Since 2012, Morton’s Dance Center has focused on developing dancers, building them from core foundation and upward. No matter the style of dance, we strive to provide the best training by offering a mix of instructors, who are currently or have had experience in professional backgrounds, while incorporating team building and creative execution. We welcome you to your dance journey here, whether it be for a professional career, athletic hobby or a means of staying fit!

Office Hours
- 4:00-9:00pm
TUESDAY - 4:00-9:00pm
WEDNESDAY - 4:00-9:00pm
THURSDAY - 4:00-9:00pm
FRIDAY - 4:00-9:00pm

301 Main Street Landisville, PA 17538


Adult 18+ Hip Hop
Audition Prep
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Fitness
Leaps Jumps Turns
Stretch Flex & Core
Street Jazz
3-5 Year Old Creative Movement
6-8 Year Old Hip Hop
6-8 Year Old Intro to Dance
CONtemporary Competition Team
CONstruct Competition Team
Under CONstruct Competition Team


1. No food, beverages (other than water), chewing gum, or cell phones allowed in dance studios, or during class.

2. No running or horse play in the hallways, studios, lounge, or lobby.

3. Do not disturb classes that are in session. Parents please refrain from watching classes in the studio or through the windows as this may be distracting to both the students and teacher. We encourage you to watch class through the television in The lounge area, should you wish.

4. No swinging, climbing, or sitting on the ballet bars in either studio.

5. Please label all dance shoes, clothing, bags, etc. Morton’s Dance Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

6. All dancers must be picked up promptly at the end of class. Morton’s Dance Center is not responsible for students after class. Please call the office if there is an emergency.

7. If a dancer must be picked up early, or you would like to speak to an instructor, you must stop in the office and speak to the assistant director first.

8. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated, nor will any disrespectful behavior towards instructors or fellow dancers. You will be asked to leave the studio immediately.

9. Morton’s Dance Center reserves the right to cancel any class, at any time, due to insufficient enrollment/attendance for that particular time.

10. All classes must have 4 or more students in attendance in order to have a full length class. If not, Morton’s Dance Center reserves the right to make class 30 minutes in length.

11. No students are allowed in the office unless they are making a payment or asked to enter.

12. Instructor will leave 15 minutes after the start of class if no students have arrived on time.


Ballet Leotard, tights, ballet slippers, and hair pulled into a bun are required. Ballet skirt, leggings, and fitted tops are at the discretion of the dancer. Male dancers must wear a form fitting shirt (A-tank, V-neck, etc.), fitted shorts ending above the knee, and ballet slippers. Compression shorts are mandatory. Any dancers who arrive to class without meeting these requirements will be asked to change or will not be allowed to attend class.

Street Styles (Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Breakdance) Open toe shoes/socks/bare feet are not permitted in class. Sneakers are suggested. Attire must not be restricting to dancer. T-shirt, tank top, sweat shirt, shorts, sweatpants, leggings, or harem pants are suggested.

Technique Classes (Jazz, Acro, Contemporary, Stretch Flex and Core, Modern) Leotards, tights, and form fitting clothes are required (tank top, shorts, leggings, dance pants, etc.). Dance paws, Footundeez, and bare feet are all acceptable and at the discretion of the dancer.

Mini Classes (Creative Movement, Intro to Dance) Leotard, tights, and ballet slippers are suggested. Form fitting clothing


September 11 First day of 2017-2018 dance season
October 7 Field of Screams (Studio Closed)
October 31 Halloween (Studio Closed)
November 22-27 Fall Break (Studio Closed)
December 22-January 2 Winter Break (Studio Closed)

January 3 First Day after Winter Break
March 29 - April 2 Spring Break (Studio Closed)
May 25-28 Memorial Day (Studio Closed)
June 12 Dress Rehearsal
June 13 Studio Show

Morton’s Dance Center will follow Hempfield School District for all closings due to weather. This can be found on the Morton’s Dance Center Facebook page and website, WGAL, and Hempfield School District website.


Classes should be attended regularly. Missed classes can be made up at an alternate time during the week in a comparable class. Make-up classes, due to inclement weather or instructor emergency, are at the discretion of the studio.


1. Registration Fee of $30.00 charged at the beginning of the dance season (or at the time of dancer registration during the 2017-2018 season).

2. If any dancer must take a leave of absence from classes (ie: sports, musical, school activity, other commitments) he or she must pay $10.00 ach month to maintain enrollment. If this fee is not paid, dancer must repay registration fee when he/she decides to dance again. *The only exception to the $10.00 fee to maintain enrollment is injury/illness. Qualification for fee to be waived is dependent on a doctor’s note (this does not include competition team dancers).

3. With any class changes (dropping of class, switch in length/style, etc.) parent must notify the office in writing (email is sufficient) before the 25th of the month prior to expected change. If the request is made after the 25th, the account will be charged for the price of previous month.

4. NO REFUND POLICY. In certain cases, dancer account may be credited, but there will be no refunds by Morton’s Dance Center. Account credit will be on a case by case basis. Thisincludes registration fee and any previously paid tuition or fees.

5. All automatic payments and billing will be done on the 25th of the month prior**. Automatic billing is required by all dancers unless otherwise noted. For cards that are denied or checks that are returned, there will be a $15.00 charge to the account. No exceptions.

6. Any payments received after the 1st of the month** will result in a $20.00 late fee. There will be an additional $5.00 fee added for every week the balance is not paid after the due date. Any tuition payment (declined automatic withdrawals, late checks, etc.) must be taken care of by the 1st of the month to avoid accumulating a late fee. If any problems occur, paymentcan be made by calling the office or by mail (301 Main Street Landisville, PA 17538).

7. Tuition is based on approximately 4 lessons per month. There is no extra charge for months with 5 weeks. There is no price cut for classes missed by student or months containing holidays. Make-up classes will be at the discretion of the studio.

8. Family discount is offered for siblings enrolled in recreational classes. The first dancer will remain at full price tuition. Each additional sibling will receive 10% off tuition each month. Family discount is not applicable to distant relatives or dancers on competition team.

New this year**



Monthly tuition shown above is based on hours per week (ie, dancer enrolled in one class a week would pay $52.00 per month). Exceptions to monthly tuition are as follows:

Drop Ins $15.00 per dancer, per class
Hip Hop Fitness $7.00 per dancer, per class


rivate lessons are on a first come, first serve basis. Students interested in private
lessons must submit a request in writing (email is sufficient) to an office staff member.
Our office staff will then communicate with the teacher, keeping in mind schedules and
studio space. Prices are non-negotiable

1 Hour Private Lesson $50.00 per dancer, per hour
30 Minute Private Lesson $30.00 per dancer, per hour


Studio space can be rented by students to rehearse, choreograph, stretch, etc.
Students interested in renting studio space should stop in the office and speak with a
staff member.

1 Hour Studio Rental $20.00
30 Minute Studio Rental $10.00

Studio space can be rented for events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. For
more details, please contact the office.