Powering MDC: The Dance Instructors

Elijah and the UnderConstruct team Kaci Roberts Renee Censier

Elijah Morton

Elijah Morton, Owner, Assistant Director, Competition Director/Choreographer, leads our staff of master teachers and award winning choreographers at Morton’s Dance Center...more

Kaci Roberts

Kaci Roberts will head the tap and jazz department of MDC. Kaci did most of her training in ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical at Carol's Academy of Dance...more

Renee Censier

Renee Censier, Artistic Director, leads our Funk department at MDC. Taking up dance at the age of 3, Renee trained in every style she could, ranging from tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet, to hip hop...more

Austin Telenko

Austin Telenko, Kids/JV Hip Hop Instructor. Austin began dancing at the age of 10, and wasn’t looking forward to it. After 7 1/2 to 8 years of extensive training, he found himself experimenting with everything from tap and jazz to contemporary and hip hop...more

Kristin Pontz

Krisin graduatated with a BFA in Dance from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She is a professor of dance at Etown & Dickinson Colleges. Kristin teaches at Susquehanna Dance Center & acts as Asst. Director to the school's ballet company COBALT as well as the Director of the REV9 Dance Co. which also calls SDC its home. She has been a choreographer/director of HHS Dance Theatre program for 26 years. Kristin also choreographs & directs at EPAC, Fulton & Lancaster Opera.

Alexander "The Great" Diaz

MDC's very own Bboy. Alex has been a breakdancer now for 4 years. His passion for it all began when he was about 15, watching the movie "Step Up 2". His favorite bboy named "Luigi" was practically defying gravity with the amazing moves he was executing. He thought to himself "I want to do that." Alex has been blessed with the amazing opportunity of traveling to different States and meeting new people along the way. He has performed in Atlanta, competing in a Barber Battle where his team took 2nd place. He has also competed at various competitions in Philadelphia. His most memorable battle was at the 2012 Field of Screams All-Styles Dance Battle. Not only did he take 3rd place, but that was the start of his journey in teaching youth in the Lancaster area about the Art & History of breakdancing. He currently teaches at Morton's Dance Center where he shares his talent & passion with others. He loves every minute of it and looks forward to the bright future of his students.









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